A Helpful Way of Giving Back

With the recent introduction into Queensland of the 10c deposit drink container exchange system which has been established in other areas for some time, we at Gold Coast Family Car Rentals thought about what this could mean within the community.

Kids rounding up drink containers from their neighbours and cashing them in at the local exchange centre for extra pocket money, saving up for a new bike or iPad or whatever, is not just about the money. The children become more environmentally aware, as do their neighbours.

Senior citizens saving up their containers and taking them to an exchange centre instead of using their household yellow top bin may mean a few little extra luxuries in their lives.

We gave this matter some thought and we realised that our interstate; intrastate and overseas customers don’t have the opportunities that local residents do. Sure, their “empties” still get recycled because they put them in the recycle bin at the place of accommodation, but that means that the 10c deposit simply stays in government coffers.

We discussed it within our family and staff and developed a plan to establish the Gold Coast Family Car Rentals Community Fund and between us we settled on six different charities to actively support – (we found it impossible to reduce the list any further).


The first initiative for our Community Fund was to create a program which we call “Recycling for Charity” and we have registered with the following six charities and we have registered with the Container Exchange organisation as a Charity Support program:

  • Beyond Blue -Mental wellbeing for all Australians
  • Currumbin Wildlife Hospital – caring for sick, injured, and orphaned native wildlife
  • Dementia Australia – for Australians affected by Dementia
  • headspace - National Youth Mental Health Foundation
  • RSL DefenceCare – helping Defence Services personnel and their families
  • Variety – the Children’s Charity

Our visiting customers now have the opportunity to participate in a program to give the money that their empties represent to someone who would do some good with it.

We have undertaken to cover the cost of running the program, so that all money collected will go equally to all six charities, without any dilution.

We have established a Community Fund bank account; we have set up a small recycling centre in our depot (see image above) and we have created a complete 8 page “Community Fund” section on our website!

We now place a couple of reusable shopping bags in each of our cars at the commencement of rental, to assist our customers with their food and beverage shopping. Moreover, we encourage our customers to utilise these bags to bring back their “empties,” which includes water and soft drink plastic or glass bottles; soft drink, beer and mixed alcohol cans, and beer glass “stubbies”.

So instead of those containers going into a yellow top household bin, or a dumpster at a hotel with the government keeping the original levy, they will instead go to the recycling centre via an exchange centre with the funds allocated to each one of our six partner charities.

How’s that for making every penny count?

The “Recycling for Charity” program is already underway – we have made our 2nd distribution of funds to our six charities, and whilst the proceeds are quite modest and will probably never lead to making a really significant difference to each of the charities, the mere existence of the program gives each charity a higher profile than they may have had.

The initial reaction of our customers has been wonderful, many tell us that they feel part of the local community, just by the simple process of bypassing the resort’s recycling bin and bringing their empties back to us.

We believe we can make a change within our community with this project. And here’s where it gets interesting: -

We challenge other Gold Coast businesses to do something similar. There are literally thousands of worthy causes, just pick one or a few that you would like to help and then think about how you help your chosen cause or causes, preferably in a way that engages your customers. Other rental companies and accommodation places are ideally set up for a simple replication of our program and we will be happy to assist with its establishment for anyone who wishes to have such a program.

Some businesses may have more ambitious plans than a 10c deposit container program. Given the reaction of our customers to this program, we have already planned another program within our Community Fund environment which will further engage our customers.


Beyond the normal business transactions which keep our business going and pays our employees, we strive to engage our customers as much as is possible and to give back to our community – we think that for any business, this is the right thing to do!

To learn more about our charity assistance program, please click on this link: Recycling for Charity

Posted By darryl on 15th May 2019

Updated : 16th May 2019 | Words : 824 | Views : 3435

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A Helpful Way of Giving Back

With the recent introduction into Queensland of the 10c deposit drink container exchange system whic . . .

Posted By darryl on 15th May 2019

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