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Our Customers and Our Pricing Protocols

Our Customers and Our Pricing Protocols

We have several classifications of our customers, including “New Customers” who have found us from their own research”; “Referred Customers”;  “Repeat Customers”; “Friends of the Family” and “Rental Royalty”.

New Customers

These are the people we have to impress right from the start. We know that we have already laid the groundwork because they have made a booking with us.  They have the protection of our “guaranteed lowest price”, Australia’s most consumer-friendly rental terms, Australia’s best customer liability reduction packages and the widest possible choice of payment options. Between booking and vehicle collection we try to ensure that their physical meeting with us will surpass their expectations and the same protocol remains for the entire rental term and beyond.

Repeat Customers

Repeat customers only require one qualification, that being to have made more than one booking with us. Unlike many large corporations (banks, telcos, insurers etc.), we never offer a New Customer a better deal than a pre-existing customer, but our primary benefits are always available to all of our customers.   

Friends of the Family

These people are the ones we dine and wine with, play golf with, go to shows with, go on holidays with. We have stayed at the homes of some of these people and some of them have stayed at our home (one customer has a permanent supply of clothing in our guest room wardrobe and a golf bag & clubs in our garage).

Rental Royalty

Rental Royalty are people whose first contact with us was as children accompanying their parents on their annual family holiday and subsequently have brought their own children to continue the tradition of family holidays involving Family Car Rentals.  

Pricing Protocols

We are the only company that we know of which offers four different Customer Liability Reduction (Insurance) packages, including two Zero Excess packages. Unlike many other companies, we do not change the scope of the insurance cover between our different options. Each of our offers includes Third Party Property Damage Cover; Own Damage Cover; Single & Multiple Vehicle Cover; Glass, Tyres and Wheel Cover; Reversing Damage Cover; Hail and Storm Cover.

We are the only company that we know of which offers four different payment options:-

  • “$75 Deposit” payable at time of booking, balance upon vehicle collection
  • “Instalment or Lay-By” option with an initial deposit and regular instalments, designed to have the entire rental cost paid a week or so before vehicle collection.
  • “Pay Now” – total rental cost paid at time of booking, fully refundable within our Cancellation Policy.
  • “Pay Now – Non-Cancellable”  same as the Pay Now, but not cancellable – ideal if your booking is just a short time before vehicle collection.

Repeat Customers who opt for the “Pay Now” package will automatically have their price changed to the equivalent of the Non-Cancellable package, but will retain full Cancellation rights.

Since 2003, we have offered our now famous “Lowest Price - Guaranteed!” promise – it is definitely a lot more than a “price match” policy – it is a “price smash” policy.

The promise is:

When you hire a rental car from us, it comes with our personal guarantee – if you find another car hire company that offers you a comparable full service car rental package at a cheaper price – we will reduce our price by twice the difference, plus an extra $50*.

You have from the day you make your booking with us until 30 days after your rental term ends to find better value.

So, if you found a rental package that was $20 cheaper than our price, we would reduce our price by $90.

Repeat Customers are automatically provided with a FREE mobile phone holder for the duration of the rental term. We do this in the hope of reducing our customers’ exposure to significant camera detected infringements.

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