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Our Customers and Our Pricing Protocols

Every professional marketing consultant advises their clients that regular customers are by far the best customers. We have known that for a very long time - when we first started in July 2001, we bought two very small car rental companies (1 owner/operator in each) and immediately inherited their customer bases.

In 2018 one of those customers said to me "Darryl, I was the first customer you ever had, and I've still got the bottle of wine you gave me to commemorate it".  

At the outset, we strived to become the best car rental company on the Gold Coast.  We immediately implemented superior cleaning & maintenance procedures; customer service standards; and lowest possible prices; which had a profound effect on those customers that were transitioning to us from the previous businesses. Many of these people visited the Gold Coast several times a year and many became firm friends. Over the years, we have dined with, drank with, and holidayed with many people who first came into our lives as customers. 

Our Customers and Our Pricing Protocols

We have several classifications of our customers, including “New Customers” who have found us from their own research”; “Referred Customers”;  “Repeat Customers”; “Friends of the Family” and “Rental Royalty”. New ...

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30th April 2024 (Updated 8th May 2024)
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