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Car Rental Matters

With this section we intend to provide a series of articles designed to help you get the most out of your car rental experience whether you are renting from us, from someone else on the Gold Coast or elsewhere. We hope to show you how to avoid the pitfalls and how to get the best value. We will demonstrate that the "daily rate" is not a reliable guide to the overall cost or even the relative cost between different car rental companies. We will show you how to ensure that the protection package that you opt for, actually does give you the protection that the shorthand description implies. In future weeks we will cover topics including: * Understanding car rental insurance excess reduction options * Obtaining the best car rental deal * What to do in the event of an accident * What to do about traffic and parking fines * What your options are with road and bridge tolls * Travel insurance policies and their protection for rental car users

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Gold Coast Family Car Rentals

Gold Coast Family Car Rentals is owned by Darryl & Denise Essington-Wilson and our middle son Grant. We completed our first 16 years of operation on 20th July 2017.

Grant is now in charge of rental operations and I (Darryl) am moving to embrace the "social media" and to develop new business opportunities.

In the coming weeks and months we will post articles which we hope will be of interest to people who are contemplating a holiday on the Gold Coast (whether they want a rental car or not) and to people who are contemplating renting a car (whether it be on the Gold Coast or not).

We invite comment and contributions for future blogs - I will be setting aside every Thursday to respond to comments and to consider contributions or requested topics.

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In Search of the Best Steak Sandwich

When we first came to live on the Gold Coast we decided with our friends Peter & Fennis (who live in Brisbane) that we would have lunch at every one of the 17 surf clubs on the Gold Coast with dining facilities. Well, it didn't happen and we probably have only done three of them together, but since deciding to produce a blog, I thought that I would resurrect the plan of having a regular lunch at different clubs.

Since reviving this plan, I have told others that I intend to provide a comparative report on lunch at these places and in order to do so I felt that we needed to have a standard comparison point - something that all of the venues are likely to have. I chose a steak sandwich. This prompted suggestions to try the steak sanger at places scattered all over Australia, so I have now broadened my aim and am simply looking for the best steak sandwich in Australia.

Obviously, I can't  do justice to a national quest, so I invite any interested person to post a review of any worthwhile steak sandwich that they would like to publicise. As we grow with new outlets being established in different places,  this category will have a greater national relevance. 

No doubt that over time, menus and staff change, so we will include the date of our experience in each blog posting.

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Latest News

Find out the latest news about Family Car Rentals.

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Holiday Hints

Ideas for Planning Your Ideal Family Holiday

This section of our blog aims to give you some ideas to ensure that your next family holiday will be minimum stress and maximum value.  

In coming months, we will progressively add new posts to this section, some will come from our experience with tens of thousands of holidaying customers, some will be from our own personal holiday experiences and others will be contributed by our customers or other people who wish to pass on a tip or two.


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